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Polyester Resin Plant

poluester resin kettle

We offer unsaturated polyester resin plant, which are used to produce polyester resin in different specifications. Our polyester resin plants are efficient and durable. Apart from the standard applicable sizes, we also manufacture tailor made polyester resin plants as per the specifications provided by the clients.

The finished product of alkyd is double than the solid base 50% solution. If the plant is 5 ton capacity; the finished product will be :

7.5 ton to 10 ton depending on % solid base.

We offer a wide range of oil alkyd resin plant, long oil alkyd resin plant etc that is used mainly in the manufacturing of the enamel paints. In our range, we can offer long oil, medium& short oil. The capacities of these plants vary from 1 Ton to 15 ton, batch on solid base. We also have the facility to offer multipurpose oil alkyd resin plant and long oil alkyd resin plant where in the plant can run on solvent process or by fusion process. The heating unit will be high temperature thermic heater.

1 ton capcity Polyester resin plant

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