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Membrane Filter Holder

membrane filter holder
membrane filter holder

Membrane filter holders are decorously designed to support the membranes against the applied pressure differential. These holder ARE AVAILABLE IN SIX DIFFERENT SIZES TO HOLD 47 MM, 90 MM, 142 MM, AND 293 MM diameter membrane filters.

The membrane holders in combination with membrane filter are used for sterile filteration of pharmaceutical and biological solution. On a production scale either a 293 mm or a 142 mm diameter holder is used The selection of the liquid to be filtered in a day Both the 293 mm and 142 mm diameter holders are made of S.S. 316L and are supplied with removable legs The filter support screen is offered in two type

  • S.S. with polished surface
  • S.S. with Teflon coating

Membrane Filter holder Specification

The Teflon coated screen is usually preferred to allow autoclaving with a filter assembled in place The inlet and outlet connection are made of sanitary design larger models for easy of cleaning and maintenance all the holders are provided with air vent valve This valve has to be opened in release any air that could be trapped in between and may offer resistance to the flow of the liquid during the process of filteration

The sealing ring can be offered in silicone. Grip knobs are provided to tight the rings. The membrane filter support screen has an under drain support.

A flow deflector under the top plate ensure even distribution of the liquid flow A back pressure support screen may also be supplied as an optional accessory to protect the filter against reverse accidental flow (Always use a pre filter while using back pressure screen).


Bubble point Test is a non-destructive test to check the integrity of the membrane filter before and after the filteration The bubble point is the pressure require to force air through the pores of a wet filter If a membrane cannot withstand the pressure below bubble point level, it indicates the leak in the filter, A built-in system for bubble testing can be provided with the membrane holders by building a set of liquid and air control valves.

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